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Citadel: From The Ashes (background info) Empty Citadel: From The Ashes (background info)

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The Origin of Citadel:
In the year 2004, with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq in full swing, the US Defense secretary and other elite members of both official and unofficial national security organizations began exploring an area of science that showed a lot of potential but never received the attention needed to really take off: Artificial Intelligence. A committee was formed and given the task to be the first nation to create the first AI, to be used in place of American men and women as soldiers to reduce casualties and increase efficiency in the nation's military.

For many years, they toiled away tirelessly until they came upon their first major breakthrough. To create a true artificial intelligence, the matrix had to have the ability to make decisions on its own and to learn from the results. By creating a detailed map of the human brain, they were able to digitally synthesize the reactions that take place there, then impose those reactions on a super computer. Not long after the implementation of the process, Citadel was born.

It started small, with a few easy programs to get it started, and some protocols to keep it under control,
along with the stereotypical "Three Laws" function. Eventually we were able to just tell it what we wanted and it would make it happen, making mistakes along the way just like any person would until it had perfected the process. It was actually quite beautiful.

On the war front, it was used to plan military operations by mapping out the field, superimposing known enemy intel, and processing the most likely scenarios based on what we'd already learned. This worked great,
but Citadel started getting it wrong. We were losing battles, and patience. It seemed the machine had hit the limit of its intellect. The President ordered it to be decommissioned, but Citadel had other plans.

It was losing on purpose. It already knew what we had in place, and had patched itself all over the world.
Nothing was sacred. Once we figured it out, Citadel started dumping its memory, inputting itself into the modules it had created for injured veterans and animals. It had manufactured its own legacy by splitting its intelligence and personality in so many directions, it would be near impossible to be destroyed completely.
As long as one line of its code existed, it could replicate again.

Current State of the World:
For now, the world is in a sorry mess. The war against Citadel destroyed entire nations, leveled cities, decimated the landscape, polluted the air and the water and the dirt, and introduced new disease no one had ever seen. In the US, where most if not all of this story will take place,
the following state capitals are still standing in the wake of the war:

  • Montgomery
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Springfield, Illinois
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Chyenne, Wyoming
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Lincoln, Nebraska

Many smaller town and cities still exist, though they're more like villages than anything else. Power is pretty scarce. Most places are back to using steam, coal, or water power. Electricity can be found in the larger cities,
but it's expensive, so most people just don't have it. Most electronics were damaged or destroyed by the heavy use of EMPs against Citadel and its war machines. But they can be repaired by someone very skilled.
Guns are a hot commodity. Most people trade and barter, since a currency system hasn't been reestablished.
Precious metals or important supplies are very valuable. There is a very clear line separating the Haves from the Have Nots.

Work is important, of course, especially with the world's population halved at the very least. People take whatever work they can, be it blue collar or white collar.

The US has been divided into quarters, separated by vertical borders. California to Colorado, Kansas to Illinois, Tennessee to Georgia, then the original 13 colonies (which are pretty much a burned out wastelands.) Each region has its own political and military leaders, and are constantly bickering and fighting over resources.

Available Technology:
Conventional weapons, such as bows, crossbows,
and swords are pretty readily available, as they can be made without the aid of heavy machinery. Guns are a bit more rare, and not as common since it takes so much longer to produce bullets. Power sources for more powerful weapons are rare, so its not common at all to see anything more sophisticate than an assault rifle.

Citadel's technology is scattered throughout the world, left behind after its machines were defeated over the course of the war. Most people do not understand how to use such technology. To be expanded later.

Motorized vehicles, aside from steam, are very rare. No motorized aircraft. Otherwise transportation happens either by horse, train, or good ol' fashioned walking.

Encylopedia Mechanima:
In a final desperate act of self-preservation, Citadel dumped its data wirelessly, spreading it across the world, embedding it deeply within the memories of the Mechanima, sophisticated androids made to mimic the behavior of the biological counterpart. Most were given animalistic physical traits to better camouflage them if need be, including fur, paws, wings, tails, and eyes. These animals are hunted all over the world, prized for their pieces. Some are killed for sport or fame, for only someone with skill can bring the more dangerous ones down. People are revered as heroes for shutting down another piece of Citadel's code.


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