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Vampires and Lycans Ideas Empty Vampires and Lycans Ideas

Post by Machine Man on Mon May 01, 2017 6:51 pm

Vampires and Lycans Ideas

Vampires and Lycans have always quarreled since the first of the Damned and the Cursed walked the Earth. There have been brief times in history that saw piece between the two races, but most of the time has seen bloodshed and death. Over the last 200 years, however, there has been a lot of infighting within both species. A new Master has emerged in California, one who is unifying covens on the west coast under a single house. Lycans in Europe are locked in a civil war as clans and packs contend for territory.

Because of all this, humanity is suspecting more and more that these two other species even exist. If exposed, Vampires and Lycans both would have a world of pain dumped on their heads, as well as any other supernatural being. The witch hunts would start all over again, and no one would be safe.

The new Vampire master is beseeching the Lycan clans, both foreign and domestic, to unite their clans in order to regain control of their broods and bring to rest the rumors surrounding the supernatural world. A meeting is agreed upon by both races, to take place in Alaska during the winter, while that part of the world is bathed in constant darkness for months on end. The Envoy was dispatched, but never made the rendezvous. It is suspected that someone does not wish for this unification to take place, as there would likely be a great deal that didn't.

A task force is being assembled to locate the Envoy if he/she is still alive and bring them to Juno before the Summit comes again. If he/she is not alive, the perpetrator must be apprehended and brought alive before the Summit so that judgement may be rendered.

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