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Post by Danry on Sat May 06, 2017 10:03 pm

Smoke danced in intricate patters in the night sky from the cracking, high flames of an illegal bonfire. The flames popped and crackled, the sound being drowned out by drunken laughter, and too loud music. But none of the partiers knew of the danger that lurked just beyond the light of the fire. They couldn't hear the growling, the snapping twigs, the cynical chuckle at the drunks lack of security, and awareness. And soon...the laughter died down, the alcohol ran out, and the music stopped. Winding down had begun, and the night still had hours of darkness to go. No one dared venture into the woods to grab more twigs and dried out leave to keep the fire going, so flashlights were brought out, extra batteries lying around 'just in case'. They would do no good. Not against what waited for them.

The fire died completely and the creatures in the dark took their chance. One good, yet awful thing, about being in the middle of the woods for a party is that...no one would hear the noise.

Screams and cries went unheard, howls of terror and laughter ringing in the deadly silence. Blood stained the grass, but the attackers were cruel. One would think they left no survivors, no one to tell of the tale...but they did.

They left me.

"And that's all you can tell me?" A scruffy looking detective sat in a hard chair across the table from me. I think he was trying to make me confess that I killed them all. My friends. The guy I was with.

"That's all I can say." I muttered avoiding eye contact.

"No other details? No clues, or anything that stuck out of the ordinary?" He glanced at me, his deep brown eyes narrowed, suspicion radiating off of him.

"They came out of the woods when the fire died."

"They who?"

The same question I'd been grilled about for hours, but I couldn't say who. No one would believe me until it happened to them...and I knew it wouldn't happen to anyone else.

I wouldn't let it.

His hands slamming onto the flat surface of the blank table made me jump. "They who?!" The man yelled at me.

"I don't know." I replied. Never did my voice raise, never did my eyes leave the table in front of me. "You want me to admit that I am one of them," I tilted my head to the side, my light colored hair falling over my shoulder. "but I'm not."

Sighing, the detective placed his chin in his hands, staring at me. I could see him doing it, and it bothered me. "Can you describe them?"

"No." My answer was simple. Immediate. I knew he was going to ask me.

"No scars, or unusual features?"

This time my answer wasn't immediate, and it wasn't easy to explain. "Their teeth." I frowned. "Filed to a sharp point...nearly blackened."

"How did you see them if there was no light?" The man was questioning everything I told him.

"I saw the teeth marks in my friends, and when one of them came after me..." I paused and took a breath. "as I was screaming and crying for someone to save me..." —my brow furrowed, and slowly I looked up at the detective sitting across from me— "I saw the sharpened teeth, bloody and blackened."

"What did they say to you..?" The detective's voice got softer, and I knew why. It wasn't because he was interested in what I was saying, and it wasn't because he felt sorry for me.

"They told me I'd become what they are. That I would follow the same fate as them. But I won't." His dark orbs never left my bloodshot sea green eyes; he was locked.

"How do you know that?" He was fighting to look away from me, frustration evident in his eyes.

"Because I'm not a killer." I turned my eyes to the camera up in the corner. "This tape will be deleted as if this never happened." —my gaze captured the detective again— "You never spoke to me...I will walk out of here and you will never mention me again...I was never involved." I closed my eyes and stood as he walked over to the door and opened it.

As I passed him, I felt the shudder shoot down his spine.

The reason he was acting strange was not because he cared, but it was because of my Glimmer. A new gift, I guess one could say, that my attackers had given me. No one looked at me as I walked out of the police station, not even one second glance. And later, when the cameras were looked through... I was not on the screen.


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Abomination Empty Re: Abomination

Post by Danry on Sat May 06, 2017 10:06 pm

The motel on the very edge of the city was sleazy; rooms with little to no sound barrier between them, unclean beds, crumbs and rat droppings littering the floor. It was revolting, but necessary. I needed somewhere inconspicuous to hide out. Somewhere where the smell of the place muted my own scent.

I had to be undetectable. Untraceable. If they found me, they would try to force me to be like them. Murderers. Sadistic, cruel murderers, and I didn't want that. By no means was I innocent, but I was not so twisted that the sounds of people choking on their own blood, as the life left them, was entertaining. For some... arousing, even. It was hard enough to fight the urge inside, the craving, the mind-numbing hunger, without others egging me on to just give in.

I lifted the corner or the curtain, the crusty fabric almost crunching in my fingers, and peeked outside, making sure to keep myself from being seen if someone were to look up. The parking lot was empty, the outside world dead for all intents and purposes. I gazed for a second longer than I had intended, letting the curtain fall back into place. It was nearly dusk, my pulse sang loudly in my ears, the silence was worse than the loudest noise.

I had to move. They would be looking for me, as I had 'awakened' and their new play toy was free. Fear held me there, though, in that nasty room, for if they found me I knew what they would do; but I couldn't stay there. The more time I spent in one place, the more time I was allowed to think on all the things I had lost, the people I loved who had died. No, I did not love the guy I had been with, but I had cared for him and now he was gone. I couldn't tell him how sorry I was, I couldn't tell him that my heart ached when I thought about his laugh, or his wide blue eyes, and the time we spent together. So much regret, so much sorrow. It was nearly unbearable.

Blinking the moisture from my eyes, I shifted away from the window and grabbed my black duffel bag, ruffling through it to find new clothes. The ones I was wearing reminded me too much of the life I had to leave behind. I was a new person, a new being, and I was nothing like I was before. I had to let go of my life, to accept my Death. Technically, I was not dead, but as I was I could not return home. Another pang of sadness made my chest constrict, but I forced myself through the motions.

The water from the shower was cold, and the pressure was shit. The water ran red with the dye from my hair; my appearance needed to change, even slightly. I had to be as invisible as possible, and my near blonde hair, I think, was one of the reasons I was alive.

“I like blondes...”

His voice, so eerily cold, rang inside my head. I had to choke back tears, again. Even his phantom voice inside my head made me feel things I didn't want to feel. As the one who Made me, my blood called to his, in ways I yearned for him, to be near him. It repulsed me, and yet I felt a deep sadness every moment we were apart. His name was Daemon. He was tall, lean, broad-shouldered, his own blonde hair short, slicked back from his face. His dark brown eyes were piercing; I could see him perfectly in my mind, like he was standing right in front of me.

I hated him.

When I had finished in the bathroom, I went back to the window once again making sure that it was safe for me to leave. The sun was almost completely gone now, the lights in the parking lot flickering on, illuminating the still empty lot. Good. It was safe.

Yanking the bag close to me I slipped out of the motel room, slinking close to the wall towards the road. Hitchhiking would be easy, if a car even drove by this desolate place.


My body froze, eyes closing a sigh escaping my lips. Half of me rejoiced, the other half shriveled, cowering in fear in the depths of my mind. How had he found me?

“How disappointing, love.” He cooed from directly behind me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck; I had to physically restrain myself from turning and falling into his arms. “You changed your hair. You were so beautiful as a blonde. It's a shame, but it will fade in Time.”

He walked around me, slowly, coming to rest in front of me, leaning a broad shoulder against the worn building. I fought to keep from looking at him, but there was only so much fight left in me, and I failed. Our eyes locked, and I felt an immense relief spread through me. My body slacked, all my strength leaving.

“Ah, gotta love the Makers Bond.” He smirked, catching my chin in his hand. He ran his thumb lightly over my cheek, gazing, almost fondly, down at me.

“How did you—?”

“Find you?” Laughter. “Love, how could I call myself your Maker, if I could not simply locate you? I will always find you.” He added tenderly, softly. It was hard to believe that this monster had torn into my friends and drained them right before my eyes.

“The others...”

“They have no business knowing where I am, or who I am with.” Daemon got defensive, his dark eyes narrowing. “You are mine.”

A shiver rolled down my spine, as if I was excited by being his possession. I was most certainly not, but I couldn't shake the giddiness that had risen within me.

A slight breeze blew hair into my face, and in that moment I was able to pull my gaze from his. The cool air felt great against my hot skin, the smell of tar and gas, mold and dirt, the fresh scent of night time flooding my senses, pulled me back to reality. I did not want to be with him, near him. I wanted to escape, to be free.

“I don't want to be yours.” I said pathetically, I knew I didn't have a choice in the matter, but it didn't stop me from wanting it. Stepping back out of his reach, I found myself trembling. “I don't want this.”

“You don't have a choice, Love. You're mine. Now and forever.” He reached to grab me, but jerked back, a nasty look twisting his handsome features.

It took a moment for my eyes to see just what made him pull away; an arrow was protruding from his right shoulder, the skin around it hissing, burning. A young man, close to my age, ran forward, a crossbow held firmly in his hands.

“Back away from her, vermin.” he said, his voice low, unafraid.

Before Daemon had a chance to react, another arrow followed the first one, striking him in the back. He growled lowly, glancing threateningly at me and then he vanished, disappearing into the darkness.

The stranger approached me, and I recoiled from him on instinct. He was a Hunter. If he knew what I was, even if I was new, he would kill me. It was what they were raised to do. Born and bred, Hunters were, taught to kill first and ask questions later. He was incredibly attractive, though, for a Hunter. Dark hair, spiked, and striking blue eyes. He was a bit taller than Daemon was, more muscle tone, and not afraid to show it off either. His black tee, and dark jeans were tight, form fitting.

“Are you alright?” It didn't seem that he noticed my scrutinizing gaze.

“Fine.” I responded, softly.

“You shouldn't be out alone at night. It dangerous. Especially for a young girl like you.” He let the crossbow fall to his side, his beautiful blue orbs scanning the area, as if he were searching for more Cursed, like me.

“I'm fine.” I repeated, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“Even still,” He turned his attention back to me, “you should let me take you home. It's not safe here.”

“You're a stranger. You could be a mass murderer for all I know. I did just see you shoot a man. Twice.” I tried playing the typical, frightened girl. Maybe it would stop him from noticing my abnormally pallid complexion, my too cold skin, my bright eyes.

“That was no ordinary man.” The stranger frowned down at me. “That was... an abomination. Besides, I wouldn't hurt an Innocent.” His low voice made me shiver. He was so serious, so dedicated. Yet he was clueless as to what I was. Maybe I could use him to my advantage, to get as far from Daemon and the others as possible.

“You can't take me home,” I murmured, switching from frightened, to upset. “He... he murdered them. All of them. I have nowhere to go.” It wasn't a complete lie, albeit a bit twisted to make me seem more pathetic.

It worked. His gaze softened some, and he placed a large hand on my shoulder. “I can take you somewhere safe.”

“Nowhere is safe.” I looked over my shoulder, half-expecting Daemon to be there. “He'll find me.”

“His kind won't be able to find you. I promise.” He offered a smile.

“Ok,” I resigned after a moment. “I'm Adalynn, by the way.”

“James.” The Hunter nodded and grabbed my hand, leading me to his concealed SUV. I glanced over my shoulder, feeling eyes on us. I could sense Daemons hatred, and rage even though I could not see him.

A part of my soul screamed in agony as we pulled away from the motel and Daemon, heading toward the highway. To safety.


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Abomination Empty Re: Abomination

Post by Danry on Thu May 11, 2017 9:34 pm

Safety is a lie. Just because you're steered from something that may put you in “danger” does not automatically mean you are safe. I thought I was safe with James as we peeled from the parking lot, leaving my Maker behind. I could not have been more mistaken.

For a while we drove, the lights from the distant city fading as the white lines on the highway blurred. I could tell James felt awkward with the way he was gripping the steering wheel, and the odd glances he'd give me. For a brief moment I wondered if he had figured out who I was, but I knew that was impossible. I was brand new. I did not radiate the unnatural energy as Daemon, or his Others, I did not attempt to feed upon him like the rest, and besides that I still looked like a normal me. Albeit a terrified me, but still me. Another thought crossed my mind that I considered for an equal amount of time: what if he was trying to figure out  way to get me to not spill his secrets of supernatural beings to the world? Maybe he was trying to think of something to say to me that would help soothe my, not so obvious, depression about my family being murdered.

Finally, with a soft sigh, I turned my attention to him, and opened my mouth to speak, but before I could suck in the air required for form a sentence out loud, James cursed and hit the brakes.

Thrown forward as he swerved to hit something I had obviously missed, I felt something inside me swoon.

“Daemon...” I breathed. I could feel him, like he was sitting right next to me. I could smell him, his aftershave drifting lazily on the wind coming through my open window. My body felt light, an ease falling over me that I resented with every fiber of my being.

Hearing me speak the creatures name, James turned has gaze to me for a second as he realized what I was. He looked as if he were reaching for a weapon, but the sound of metal crunching, and glass breaking, along with the sudden halt of the vehicle stopped him. Unluckily for me, my seat-belt snapped and I was tossed out of the car and across the asphalt like a worn out rag doll thrown in the trash.

My body crashed into the ground hard, and in that moment I lost consciousness. Not completely, though. I had my moments of coherency, blurry images and muffled sounds rushing through my ears, dulled by the outrageously loud sound of my beating heart. I saw Daemon kneeling in front of the broken window of the SUV. Then I saw James struggling out from withing the twisted metal, glancing in my direction before pulling a massive shape from the car. It was too blurry to see completely.  Daemon again, a wide, cruel smile on those beautiful lips. He seemed to be mocking James, and from what I could make out in the dying light from the busted headlights, a fight was breaking out.

Then there was darkness.

“Adalynn~” Daemon dragged out my name in a sickening sing-song way that made my heart melt. “Wakey wakey, Love.”

I drew in a rattling, pain filled breath, my eyes fluttering open. His face was close to mine, and before I could see, I knew James was dead. I could smell his blood, I could see it on Daemons face. I felt like crying. How could I love someone like this? He was obviously ecstatic about ending the life of a human being just for trying to protect me; that was sick.

“No...” I gasped, weakly, my lip trembling as moisture filled my burning eyes.

”Oh yes, Love. Oh yes.”

His smile broke my heart, and made me want to puke all in the same moment. I loved him, I needed him... and yet I loathed the very fact of his existence. I was a walking contradiction.


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Abomination Empty Re: Abomination

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