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Post by Danry on Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:03 pm

As grateful as she felt Jezebelle could have kissed her companion. He was thoughtful, kind, he did not expect anything from her. How on earth did she end up married to his brother instead? They could not be compared. The princess could not imagine Titus ever laying a hand on her, even if he were enraged... Could Titus even get that angry? She had never seen him remotely close to Sebastians level of anger. Maybe it was just more controlled? Even if that were the case, Jezebelle was convinced that he would never hurt her, not the way Sebastian had. Not only physically, but emotionally breaking her down into nothing, wishing she had died years ago.

"You are my saving grace, Titus. I would crumble without you." She smiled at him for a brief moment, then turned her gaze out the window to watch the scenery pass by. It had been so long since she had been to the village, and excitement was buulding up inside of her. Yes, it was a sad occasion that she was traveling home for, but she would finally be able to see her brothers and her father. It was more that worth the previous nights beating, and the beating she was sure to get upon returning to the castle. But it didn't matter. If she had not gone to see her father and he passed, she would never have forgiven herself.

Sebastian would never be able to break her past the point of loving her family. She would take any beating for them. If Jezzie wasn't terrified that they would get punished or worse, she would have run away a long time ago.


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