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Post by Machine Man on Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:12 am

as a young Rondo (his species), he was a runt. most are huge hulking things with massive muscles and giant weapons.
But he was small, so he couldn't wield them like the others in his tribe. dishonored, his family chose to leave him alone in the wilderness, believing that he would be killed and eaten by the wild creatures, become one with them, and would hunt his tribe as an animal for retribution, which is their tradition.
Only he didn't die. he did everything he could to survive. Then, one night, as he lay on a cold cave floor shivering and only half alive, he received a message from their goddess in a dream. She welcomed him into her home and embraced him to her chest, telling him that she would take him in if he desired. But he wanted to stay, even though he was miserable and alone.
The goddess was moved, so she blessed him.
She gave him enchanted armor that made him strong and fast. She gave him knowledge so that he could fend for himself and survive.
She is a gentle, kind diety, but she is also tenacious and full of courage.
He survived that night, and all the others that followed. He fell into a bad crowd, however, and was picked up as a slave, for he could best anyone he came up against in hand-to-hand combat.
They moved him around from place to place, using him to get rich while treating him like a slave. All the while he waited and waited, enduring their torture until one day. He had an opportunity to escape, and he had a destination.
So he broke his bonds, killed his captors, and went to his "owner".
He broke the owner's leg, then dragged him into the wilderness and left him, just as he had been left as a child.
Now he is on a mission to find his homeland and return with a vengeance, having become the animal they wanted.

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