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The Void: Beginning Information Empty The Void: Beginning Information

Post by Machine Man on Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:21 pm

All Void-Touched receive innate abilities upon acceptance:
-Night Vision
-Immune to aging, sickness, and malnutrition
-Void Extension (using Void energy to power/fuel/load mundane items)
-Recombination (self heal, twice/day)

Class Powers:

-Lock On- gives user the ability to lock vision on a single foe and increases their accuracy against that target. Lasts 30 seconds.
-Stealth- user becomes invisible to mundane vision for 10 seconds.
-Dead to Rights- user has an increased chance of striking a vital area of the target and dealing massive damage. Target must be organic and applies only to the next attack.
-Stride- user can move through rough terrain without slowing down.
-Pathfinder- user uses the Void to determine the general direction of, or approximate distance to, their target destination.
-Beast Companion- user may bond with a beast from the void, and will share a telepathic link with that animal. Bond is permanent, until one or the other dies.
-Void Trap- user sets up a Snare that may immobilize whomever triggers it. Larger, stronger targets may only be slowed by the snare.
Empty the Clip- user may rapid fire up to three shots from their chosen weapon (some weapons restricted)

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